P. O. Box 4015 Arsenal Station
Pittsburgh, PA 15201-0015

Welcome to the Lawrenceville Historical Society

Since its founding in 1982, the Lawrenceville Historical Society has been true to its mission of preserving and promoting the rich history of the Lawrenceville neighborhood. For thirty years, the Lawrenceville Historical Society has been widely recognized in the historical community for its distinguished public lecture series, its walking tours, house tours, church tour, and publication of an outstanding newsletter and three books.

In more recent years, the Lawrenceville Historical Society has gained national and international attention for its role in sponsoring Doo Dah Days: The Stephen Collins Foster Music and Heritage Festival. Although other cities host Foster Festivals, the Pittsburgh event is unique in that it is held in the community where Stephen Foster is laid to rest.

The Lawrenceville Historical Society also played a pivotal role in 2012 by honoring the 78 American heroes killed in the 1862 Allegheny Arsenal Explosion. This commemorative event that paid homage to the victims of the worst civilian disaster in the history of the American Civil War caught the attention of local newspapers, radio and television stations, as well as CBS.com and fifteen national newspapers from New Jersey to San Francisco, California.

An all-volunteer organization with nominal dues, the Lawrenceville Historical Society is open to any person with an interest in history or the community.